Supermum shatters glass ceiling

My local newspaper today features an article from Bloomberg in the business section about a British CEO named Helena Morrissey. This
45-year-old has well and truly shattered the glass ceiling. But wait, there’s

Ms Morrissey has risen to the top of the corporate tree (and
earned it, by the sound of things) while having nine children. Yes, nine --
between the ages of 2 and 19, with 7 still living at home, the article notes
(and I should think so).

Before you say, “I don’t know how she does it,” I should
mention that she is the breadwinner for her family and husband Richard (a Zen
Buddhist monk, according to the Daily
) looks after their kids with the help of a nanny.

When she returned to her job with a London investment bank
after her first maternity leave, her boss passed over her for a promotion, saying
“we’re not sure you can make it through”. Ha!

Now Ms Morrissey not only runs a financial outfit worth 47.2
billion pounds (US$76 billion) with almost 400 employees, she has launched the 30
Percent Club, which is dedicated to raising the number of female company directors
in the UK from 12 per cent to that level.

It’s very impressive, but I still don’t know how she does it
-- I mean the parenting bit -- do you? On second thoughts, I suppose she does it like a father in the same position would do.


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