Terri Schiavo's life

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began on this day, 46 years ago. Her family, who recently suffered the
loss of Terri’s father, is ever-hopeful and grateful for everyone
around the world who shares their cause.

Because of this very special day, the day of Terri’s
birth, everyone at Terri’s Foundation would like to take the
opportunity to thank all of our friends for supporting the work we are
doing advocating for the value and dignity of our most vulnerable…

With the emails, phone calls and letters we receive on a daily
basis, it is apparent to us that Terri is continuing to have an
indelible impact on us all. And just as we have been doing since her
untimely death, we will remain dedicated to helping all those families
that are fighting to protect their loved ones.

Please know how much we value all of your support that you have so
graciously offered these past years. As this battle to protect our most
vulnerable rages on, we gain strength to continue this fight knowing
that we do not stand alone, but that you are there fighting with us.

Part of that battle has been with a dead-wrong media that stubbornly
persists in using old distortions and lies when they reference Terri at
all, even when her brother Bobby tries to correct the record. They call
his correction his ‘opinion’ (many examples of this), and hang on to
what was perpetuated in the coverup of a court-mandated homicide. After
all, if the media were forced to face the truth of what was done to
Terri Schiavo, the house of cards under construction by the
right-to-die movement that was built on her case would start to crumble.

Here’s a good look at what was done to Terri Schiavo.

Good question: “Do we believe in the sanctity of all human life, or do we believe in the sanctity of some human life?”


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