Text message for McCain

First of all, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is
more certain than most of the media and political pundits that the U.S.
is not currently in a recession, though he thinks odds are 50/50 that
we’re headed for one. That’s interesting right there…

Second, he endorsed John McCain for president. Which at least puts McCain back in the news again, if only in passing. Dick Morris was wondering where he had gone.

He’s the guy who was running for president before all
the national attention shifted to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
Now, McCain seems to be only an afterthought, at best, or an
anachronism, at worst. He has got to get back into the game, otherwise
he will never be in contention…

What should be his message? Populism. Many will urge that he fortify
his base. But with Republican Party identification at an all time low,
there isn’t enough base out there to win. He needs to attract swing
voters. Not by going to the left of the Democrats, but by transcending
their liberalism by attacking the forces of privilege their party is
bent on protecting.

Morris gives him several suggestions there. Getting back in the headlines is good for starters.

The Partisan Report makes a strong suggestion for a running mate.

And LifeNews continues to carry reports about the abortion activists worried that McCain will be bad for business. Their business.

A leading pro-abortion group is convinced eventual
Republican presidential candidate John McCain will appoint pro-life
Supreme Court judges. Those judicial picks could tilt the balance of
the high court in favor of reversing the Roe v. Wade decision that has
allowed 35 years of unlimited abortions.

In a fundraising email sent to supporters on Friday, NARAL political
director Elizabeth Shipp says the group needs more money to get that
message out.

“The next president of the United States will likely appoint two
Supreme Court Justices. Sen. John McCain voted to confirm Justices
Thomas, Roberts, and Alito,” Shipp writes. Justice Clarence Thomas has
already indicated he will vote to overturn Roe and pro-life advocates
believe Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito will join him and
Justice Antonin Scalia in doing so someday.

McCain should be make this part of his campaign, too.


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