Thanksgiving - I'm giving thanks

Last week I was having one of those weeks. You know the kind, the one you wish had a restart or skip function. Nothing seems to be going right and everyone seems to be against you – as if the whole universe was conspiring against you. When that happens, I try not to get too wrapped in the feelings that accompany these events, but sometimes it’s hard not to get swept up in feeling bad for yourself. This week is Thanksgiving here in the United States of America. It’s a time when we stop and give thanks for all the great things in our lives. To realign my thinking I opened a new document on my computer and just started writing down everything I was grateful for. That little exercise had a profound impact on my overall mentality and mindset. Here’s some of what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving:

  • Writing for Tiger Print and the active community here that comments, likes and shares my posts.
  • The voices of Gavin DeGraw, Rob Thomas, David Nail, Dierks Bentely, David Gray, Michael Buble – they can brighten any day.
  • The genuine joy in my dad’s voice when I call him.
  • The unfailing generosity of my mom.
  • The adorable mother my younger sister makes, and her perfect son, my godson.
  • The courage my sister Emily has to start her own business.
  • The love my brother Tom has for his profession and the pride he takes in it.
  • The strength of character Peter has for joining the Marines and enduring bootcamp.
  • The fact that Monica looks just like me when I was her age… we’re practically clones.
  • The fact that Joe asked to interview me for a reporter project her has and that he couldn’t think of anyone better to interview.
  • The way Sam has grown up right before my eyes.
  • The continued spoiled cuteness of my youngest sibling!
  • The holiday cards my aunt sends with only her signature.
  • Author Madeleine L’Engle and her creations, which made me want to write with character and depth.
  • My published book and the people who actually bothered to buy, read and review it.
  • My new love for thrifting and consignment selling. It’s saved me oodles of money and made me a couple hundred bucks too.
  • Living in a big city and all that entails.
  • Good friends who know just when to leave a Facebook message or send a text message.
  • Pen pals – yes, like we write legit old school letters back and forth.
  • My MacBook Pro – even if it is getting slower. Come to think of it, all Mac products – my iPhone and classic iPod rank up there too.
  • High heels, big earrings and all things animal print.
  • The desire and ability to write.
  • Asics gym shoes.
  • Credit cards and learning how not to use them over the last three months.
  • The gift of a never-wavering faith.
  • Colored tights, aviator sunglasses and big rings.
  • Fallen yellow leaves blanketing the sidewalks.
  • The fact that while I don’t have a lot of money and hardly any expendable income, I’m not truly wanting for anything.
  • The approaching holidays and the Christmas music I’ll listen to after Thanksgiving.
  • Great haircuts from Anthony.
  • My grandmother taking time to teach me how to play solitaire. And my other grandma teaching me how to play hearts and euchre, reminding me there are no friends in a game of cards.
  • The winter days I spent with my dad hunting.
  • Weekends spent with my family besides a roaring fire and playing cribbage, canasta, scrabble, blockus, and anything else that we wanted.
  • Clear starry nights and the freedom to enjoy them without fear.
  • A god slice of Chicago-style pizza.
  • Freedom of the press and my journalism education.
  • Twitter and Facebook – is it weird to be thankful for them? I have met some amazing people as a result of interactions there so it seems appropriate.
  • The 59,000 words I have completed on my next young adult book.
  • A good hot cup of Starbucks’ peppermint mocha. (oh and their pumpkin scones.)
What are you thankful for right now? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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