The BBC’s most politically incorrect interview. Black ex-cop disses Biden over Minneapolis trial: he’s ‘an idiot’

This ought to be a cardinal rule for TV hosts: never, ever, interview someone without knowing what he is going to say. Sad to say, a BBC anchor chose the wrong man to comment on the Derek Chauvin trial. True, he was black, and true, he was a former police officer. But he didn’t give the answers the presenter was expecting.

Brandon Tatum, a conservative black speaker and YouTube star, said emphatically that: “policing in America is not inherently racist; America is not a racist country.”

He had harsh words for President Joe Biden, who had just lamented “the systemic racism that is a stain on our nation’s soul”.

“The President of the United States got out and made a fool of himself trying to promote racism in a simple police encounter,” said Tatum. “President Biden is an idiot, in my personal opinion.”

It’s a remarkable interview. Watch it.


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