The Big One

No, not the California earthquake.

The one on the deniers-of-life landscape. The shock waves are being felt far and wide.

Within the last month, former president Bill Clinton has
done two jaw-dropping interviews at CNN on the subject of embryonic
stem-cell research — one with Larry King and one with Sanjay Gupta —
that indicate a stunning level of confusion on the basic biological
facts of what an embryo is, what stem cells are, what “fertilization”
in reproductive biology refers to, and even what can be fertilized or
used to fertilize something.

While attempting to reflect on the moral and ethical implications of
the issue, Clinton’s apparent ignorance of the basic biological facts
was so total as to make his comments incomprehensible even on the level
of biology, let alone morality and ethics.

Never mind that the regular media are ignoring this story altogether. It’s covered. As it should be.


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