The Dagger Quick

Twelve-year-old Kitto Wheale is no stranger to hardship. Born with a club leg, he has been the unwilling recipient of the abuse, disdain and pity of nearly everyone in his hometown of Falmouth, England. His father Frederick has determined that Kitto will become a cooper like himself: a respectable and steady profession. Kitto finds this decision unfair, for he longs to be a sailor. Just the same, as his uncle tells him, "Fair describes a good woman, Kitto. Not life."
And who is this mysterious uncle who materializes one evening at the Wheale shop? None other than the pirate Captain William Quick. His appearance disturbs Frederick Wheale, and Kitto soon learns why. Both Frederick and William have a past that Frederick would like to forget, and William cannot escape. Captain Quick's arrival in Falmouth throws Kitto and his family into grave danger. After spending his childhood longing for adventure, Kitto regrets the loss of security that life on the high seas brings. Now he must rely on his solid moral upbringing and the courage that comes with maturity to save the lives of his mother and brother.
Brian Eames has packed his first novel with action and adventure. Although Kitto's family tree is somewhat complicated, middle school students will find themselves engrossed in the twists and turns of the story's plot. Kitto's spunk and determination inspire the pirates of his uncle's crew and will have readers begging for a sequel. Jennifer Minicus is a mother and teacher currently living in Ridgewood, NJ.


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