The early feminists were pro-life

Remember that? Feminists for Life does, and they couldn’t be happier with John McCain’s selection for running mate.

Here’s what FFL president Serrin Foster told CNA:

“One can only wonder how Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth
Cady Stanton would feel to see this: Hillary speaking on the
anniversary of the 88th Amendment, which granted women the right to
vote. And now, Sarah Palin two days later, becoming the first pro-life
feminist to be chosen as a major party’s vice presidential nominee.”

Her story is emerging rapidly, as is the spin against her of course, since she is a pro-life woman in such a prominent role.

Okay, look at the text and context.

Why has Palin generated such energy? Some reasons are
obvious. Economic conservatives like her fiscal record. Gun-rights
advocates are eager to get behind a moose-hunting NRA member. Social
and religious conservatives profoundly admire her for welcoming a Down
Syndrome baby into the world. Often with good reason, they suspect that
Republican politicians cynically adopt pro-life positions without any
real commitment to the cause. Palin is different. She has walked the
pro-life walk.

There’s something else that could rally the base even further. In
the mainstream media and the blogosphere, liberals are sneering at her.
The big hair, the big family, the hunting rifle, the degree from the
University of Idaho, the husband who does commercial fishing and races
snowmobiles — all these things tell the urban liberal elite that she’s
not one of them. Most telling of all, she placed second in the 1984
Miss Alaska Pageant. Bourgeois bohemians don’t do beauty contests.

Because it’s so unbecoming to behave the way they do.

Never mind that. There’s plenty of good and honest information on Palin around.

Even around the world.


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