The end of a 72-day marriage

Not that I'm surprised by this fact, but Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce after a whopping total of 72 days of wedded bliss - of not. I've already written about the travesty that was the wedding and two-hour TV special that went along with it; but this announcement added further fuel to my annoyance with the entire topic. When asked why she ended the marriage, Kim's profound response was that women's intuition tipped her off that it wasn't right and that she was following her heart by ending it... and then the kicker, 'there is no right or wrong thing to do' in this.  
I wish celebrities that wanted to play around with things in such a public spectacle would leave marriage out of it. To have this serious personal commitment between two people debased to such an extent that it is only about feelings is a shame. Someone who's been married for years can easily attest to the fact that marriage is not all roses and perfect days. It takes hard work and real commitment from both sides. It can't be a one-way street and it can't be entered into selfishly. I'm not even married and I know that - how come Kim doesn't get that?
When asked if she had thought about counseling to make it work, she blew the question off leaning back on the crutch of feelings, tipping her off it was all wrong. Her flipancy on the topic made me wonder how she can be so dedicated to other aspects of her life. She's got a vigorous work-out routine, a buys social calendar of TV filmings, guest appearances. Kim is ceratinly no stranger to hard work and giving her all - so why is another person less important than her company? 
Not to mention the media reports are beginning to surface that Kim and her entire family profited from the failed marriage - they were, afterall, paid to appear on the TV special. They were also paid for the eclusive wedding photos. They claim no money was made from the event, but this entire short-lived, highly public marriage is beginning to appear more like a celebrity publicity stunt than an actual union between two people ready to build a life together. 


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