The golden tongue and the golden dome

Though timeless wisdom says you can fool all of the people some of
the time, even Barack Obama can’t evade the scrutiny of alternative
media. And even the prestigious University of Notre Dame cannot control
the tangled web it weaves in trying to spin its way out of controversy.

Because the web has some savvy members. Like Carl Olson,
who called out the same MSNBC article I quoted on radio (you can’t help
but notice its…reporting. Starting with the headline: “Abortion Foe
Declines Notre Dame Award”). He wove it together with other fanciful
words. With the threads of critical thinking (starting with Tom
McFeely’s astute response to Obama’s remarks):

“Mr. President, here’s a reminder for you about one of
the tragic consequences of America’s regime of legal abortion of which
you are such a strong supporter. There is a legion of American citizens
who won’t be privileged to be included among the audience when you make
your “inclusive” speech at Notre Dame — the millions of unborn babies,
killed in their mothers’ wombs by legal abortion, who as a consequence
were denied the chance to grow up, attend college and celebrate their
graduation at a commencement ceremony.”

Olson takes it from there…

I recall that when then-candidate Obama, while in a
debate with Sen. McCain, was asked by Rick Warren at what point a baby
gets “human rights,” Obama famously said: “… whether you’re looking at
it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective,
answering that question  with specificity … is above my pay grade.” So
he won’t actually take part in the debate, but he’ll happily go to
Notre Dame and receive the honorary law degree, etc.

Right. Exactly.

And here’s the money quote…..because this is exactly the reaction I had to the MSNBC piece: 

It’s worth noting that the piece refers to
Glendon as being “conservative,” as an “abortion foe,” and as being
“staunchly anti-abortion.” All of that is true, of course, but the
piece never identifies Pres. Obama as being an abortion supporter, or
as “pro-abortion.” (Yes, I know: he insists that no one is
pro-abortion.) Which gives the impression that it is Glendon who has
taken the extreme position, even though she is the one opposed to the
killing of unborn innocents.

Yes. Thank you, Carl. Big kudos. Is anyone ever referred to as staunchly pro-abortion? Staunchly anti-life? No. No parity in the language.

The style book is clear for mainstream media. It’s ‘pro-choice’ and
‘anti-abortion’. Like MSNBC here: “Anti-abortion forces have already
stated they plan to be out in force…”

What double standards big media have.

Are they still big? They seem so small…


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