The gravity of South Dakota

That would be the center of gravity right now in the abortion battle in America, for two reasons.

One is the decision out of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in June
that upheld the South Dakota “informed consent” law. It’s the
most thorough and advanced law in the country, requiring an abortionist
to inform a woman that (being pregnant) she is carrying an
already-existing, complete, separate and unique human being, and that
abortion may cause harmful psychological effects, among other
disclosures. Planned Parenthood, which fought the “informed consent”
law in court time and again, contends that’s an ideological statement.
The full 8th Circuit found that the disclosure is biological fact.

Which puts that major court in direct conflict with the New Jersey
Supreme Court which decided the opposite, in the Acuna v. Turkish case.
Because two major courts clash so directly over their reading of Roe, the Supreme Court has been asked to decide which court is right. And therefore decide whether abortion kills a human being.

The other reason is the upcoming vote on Initiated Measure 11 in the November election, that returns to the voters of South Dakota
the abortion ban law passed in ‘06 and challenged fiercely by Planned
Parenthood and NARAL. It was because of those two organizations
sweeping through the state with their national funding and manpower to
deceive the citizens about what the law actually said….that it narrowly
missed in ‘06. It has been re-worked and fine-tuned by South Dakota
legislators, and all eyes are on that state now to see whether this
passes. Because if it does, it is the leading wave of a sea change in
abortion law in America.

The national leadership of the abortion movement held a summit
meeting in Washington recently to talk strategy in South Dakota. Part
of that strategy is throwing massive sums of money into ad campaigns in
the state to distort the facts again about this law and try to sway the
voters against it. The two posts below with YouTube video of famous former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson
show how grave this is. They also show the lies and deception behind
the founding of the abortion movement in America. Both are compelling.

Saturday, one of the leading forces in the South Dakota campaign for
the protection of human life, Dr. Allen Unruh, is the guest on ‘America’s Lifeline.’ That will be compelling, and deserves a good hearing.

As does that case sitting before the Supreme Court right now.


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