The heart of the "Message"

Media are communicating thoughts through words and images all the time, furious in speed and sometimes tone.

The ‘tone’ was addressed in the message released today for the
upcoming World Communications Day. The Vatican envisions and calls for
what may sound like a radical idea for the media.

Promoting a Culture of Respect, Dialogue and Friendship.

“The cordial tone is the first distinctive feature of a
Message which provides … ample evidence of an open and positive
attitude, even defining the new technologies as ‘truly a gift to

We don’t hear a cordial tone in messages too often these days. Which is the point.

“Truly, we are facing a new world”, the archbishop
concluded. A world “to be explored not by opening our eyes in amazement
before new technological advances, but by opening our hearts and giving
room to hope in the face of the great possibilities for the common good
opening before us. This is even more important if we consider that the
Message also examines certain dangers, associated not just with media
distortion but with inequality in the uses to which the media may be
put…”Never before, perhaps, has a Message been so powerful but also so

It finds in friendship a shared reference point with all of humanity
that grounds the appeal of the Message to promote a culture where there
is respect for all and where all are invited to search for truth in

So, to jump in there and do its part in establishing this dialogue,
the Holy See Press Office announced that the Pope and the Vatican
are expanding their online presence. 

Fr. Lombardi announced the creation of a new Vatican
channel on YouTube, through which various forms of video news will be
available concerning the activities of the Pope and events in the
Vatican. The site will be updated with one or two news pieces each day,
none longer than two minutes, he said.

The new White House website blog says President Obama wants to hear
from you on, and particularly what you think of pending legislation as
it comes up. Now, the Vatican says the Pope wants you to check out the
Church online, too.

Here’s the website.


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