The important Catholic bloc...doesn't actually vote that way

They don’t vote as a bloc.

This snip from a New York Times piece about the value of winning over Catholic voters in this election has a message beyond these words:

Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic
nominee, lost the Catholic vote badly to Senator Hillary Rodham
Clinton, who, like Mr. Obama, is a supporter of abortion rights, during
the primaries in states like New Hampshire, Missouri and Ohio. In
Pennsylvania, Catholic voters preferred Mrs. Clinton to Mr. Obama by a
40-point margin.

Both are supporters of “abortion rights”, which points to the
division among Catholic voters. And this article skims through the
ramifications of that, but remains misleading in its handling of a
critical issue. Like where it says Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput’s
“views had not changed.” They aren’t his views, his words are the
constant teaching of the Church. Which is not relative to the political

Clearing up this cultural confusion is an ongoing project, and Knights of Columbus leader Carl Anderson explicitly devoted his address to the annual convention to this.

“Imagine if this year millions of Catholic voters simply
say ‘no’ — no to every candidate of every political party who supports
abortion,” he said in comments sent to

“It’s time we stop accommodating pro-abortion politicians, and it’s
time we start demanding that they accommodate us. What candidate or
political party can withstand the loss of millions of Catholic voters
in this election or the next?” Anderson asked.

If Catholic voters stand up for pro-life values, Anderson says they
can transform the national election and make a major impact on the 50
million abortions that have occurred since the Roe v. Wade decision.

His address on Faithful Citizenship says we need change alright.

Real change is possible, but it is difficult. First, we
need to end the political manipulation of Catholic voters by abortion
advocates. It is time to end the entanglement of Catholic people with
abortion killing. It is time to stop creating excuses for voting for
pro-abortion politicians. Catholics should no longer be asked to be
partners in the abortion regime by voting for politicians who support

Just wait until the Democratic convention. They will. By some prominent fellow Catholics.


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