The jarring disconnect

How can people not see the obvious? Amnesty International has lost its credibility as a human rights advocate as it aggressively promotes…..demands…..the right to abortion.

Amnesty International recently issued its 2009 survey of
what it considers to be the state of human rights throughout the world.
Of particular interest to social conservatives is Amnesty’s continued
campaign to advance a “right” to abortion globally.

 In its entry on Poland , Amnesty raps the country for its alleged
“Denial of access to abortion for eligible women,” citing criticism
that Poland received from the Human Rights Council (HRC) in May 2008.
It further faulted the government for failing to implement a 2007
ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), Tysiąc v. Poland,
concerning a purported “duty to establish effective mechanisms for
ensuring women have access to abortion where it is legal.”

This is Alice in Wonderland language.

And it gets worse: According to Susan Yoshihara of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute…

…at the Women Deliver conference held in London in 2007,
Amnesty’s “reproductive rights” coordinator Stephanie Schlitt committed
the group to partnering with CRR to get abortion recognized as a human
right through litigation, in part by arguing that such a right could be
found in existing human rights treaties. While conceding that treaties
are silent on abortion, Schlitt stated that skillful advocacy could
help create recognition of a new “right to abortion” among a “critical
mass” of United Nations officials and global jurists.

Semantic gymnastics is the only thing that qualifies as a skill here.


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