The largest, sustained human rights demonstration

Today is the 36th annual March for Life on the Mall of Washington.
It is perhaps providential that the anniversary of Roe v. Wade which
prompted the beginning of this annual demonstration occurs this week of
January, two days after the inauguration of a man as president of the
United States who was considered the most pro-abortion senator ever to
run for high office during the primaries. Which is why…as much of the
nation partied and celebrated Barack Obama’s ascendancy to the White
House, many others in the nation prayed and held vigil.

In the two months since the election, pro-life Americans have
recovered from the losses that day of some officeholders who stood for
the sanctity of life of every human being. Pro-life Americans have
accepted the new reality, re-grouped and begun again to plan a renewed
activism in the legislatures and on the city streets of the nation, to
defend and protect all life form conception to natural death…the
pre-born to the ‘not yet dead’.

The nation’s government now falls under the power and influence of
the party that won enough seats to claim the majority, and that party
has in its platform the commitment to protect and expand access to
abortion. With sweeping health care reforms comning, access to medial
procedures for the elderly and impaired may become an issue at a time
when more states are already accepting euthanasia laws disguised as

And so today, great numbers of American citizens are amassed in
Washington to witness the dedication to the dignity and sanctity of
life. It’s a week of Christian unity because all faiths coalesce around
the cause of life. In fact, they’re not all people of faith.
Libertarians for life are there, and Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for
Life told me their ranks even include the ‘Atheist and Agnostic
Pro-Life League’. Their website explains their reason: “…because life
is all there is and all that matters, and abortion destroys the life of
an innocent human being.”

As a nation, we used to know this. Now, there’s a very unnatural
division between people who still inherently know that abortion and
euthanasia are immoral acts of taking human life….and people who are
fooling themselves with euphemism about ‘choice’ and ‘privacy rights’.
The Rev. Jesse Jackson used to be pro-life, as were many politicians
like Sens. Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, among others. Let’s at least
hope President Obama realizes that ‘the least of these’ he cites often
from scripture includes the pre-born.

Last year, President Bush told March for Life participants “biology
confirms that from the start, each unborn child is a separate
individual with his or her own genetic code.”

I’d like to hear an intelligent attempt to refute that fact. Let’s be honest.


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