The media at their worst

The unprecedented wrath and fury of the media campaign against Sarah
Palin is stunning. Is there anyone in mainstream media not judging her
by double standards?

The Chicago Tribune editors are at least mulling that one over.

Whew. This rush to judge Sarah Palin—a woman whose name most Americans first heard just four days ago—is breathtaking…

Judging Sarah Palin will be America’s parlor game from now until
Nov. 4. She asked for scrutiny when she agreed to run alongside
Republican John McCain. Bring it on. But the rest of us can temper our
unfolding discoveries about this would-be vice president with what they
tell us about her judgment and character. That’s what matters:

We have seen Obama acknowledge his youthful use of illicit drugs. We
have heard John McCain confess that his own immaturity destroyed his
first marriage. We have watched Joe Biden’s career suffer from
disclosures of plagiarism in law school and in his 1987 campaign for
the presidency.

Most Americans who’ve spent time assessing those personal
difficulties have decided that none of these men’s pasts disqualifies
him to serve as president.

Sarah Palin’s record as governor, and her prospective performance as
vice president, are fair game. Her family’s struggles are not.

That’s about as tempered as any regular media seems to be right now. The rest are at their worst. Here’s just one sorry rundown.


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