The 'mission creep' of euthanasia

It was never legitimate. Expediency disguised as compassion may have sold a lot more people on the idea of ending a human life, but it is what it is. It is not a right. It is a wrong.
Now the folks behind Dutch euthanasia law are tweaking their rules.

A new position paper just published by the Dutch Physicians Association (KNMG) says unbearable and lasting suffering should not be the only criteria physicians consider when a patient requests euthanasia.

The KNMG says the new guidelines will clarify the responsibilities, possibilities and limitations that physicians have within the regulations of the 2002 euthanasia law…

Until now, factors such as income or a patient’s social life played almost no role when physicians were considering a euthanasia request. However, the new guidelines will certainly change that.
Here’s the upshot:

After almost a year of discussions, the KNMG has published a position paper which says that social factors and diseases and ailments that are not terminal may also qualify as unbearable and lasting suffering under the Euthanasia Act.
In the words of a nurse/bioethics expert friend:

Loneliness will be added to the next strict condition to qualify for euthanasia.  This is a perfect example why we must do everything in our power to not allow euthanasia to become law.  Early in the 1990′s, Dr Karl Gunning, Dutch physician and dear friend once lamented:

“We have always predicted that once you start looking at killing as a means to solve problems then you’ll find more and more problems where killing can be the solution.” …

The passing of years have proved how prophetic Gunning’s fear was.
To repeat, we must do everything in our power to not allow euthanasia become law.


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