The papers are dying, too

What passes as news reporting these days is an unprofessional blend
of the sensational, the entertaining and the politically correct. This
week, more newspapers announced they’re going under, and many are
turning to an online presence only.

They’re getting as surreal as the stories they tell. Like this Philadelphia Inquirer article Wesley Smith warns readers about.

It is about a woman named Rona Zelniker, who killed
herself because of a disabling disease. Note that the word “suicide” is
never used except in a brief reference to the Oregon law. There is no
doubt that was deliberate: The (assisted) suicide movement has
convinced many in the media not to use that term except in cases of
transitory distress or teenagers–because it is judgmental and has a
negative connotation. Can’t have that: Suicide for reasons of disease
or disability should be viewed positively…

Even the title of the story is skewed: “Debating an End of Life
Decision,” when the only reason Zelniker’s life ended was that she
killed herself.

Hope people aren’t buying it.


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