The slaughters that go unnoticed

While the international community is focused on the Gaza war, there
are other regions in the grip of violence going practically unnoticed.

Like Mogadishu.

The last Ethiopian troops in Somalia’s capital have left
Mogadishu and Islamist forces have taken over most of the bases they
have left behind.

A BBC reporter says four of the six vacated bases have been taken
over by insurgents from different factions, seemingly working together.

With what consequences?

Some 16,000 civilians have been killed in the conflict
between Somalia’s transitional government and the Islamists, and a
million more have been forced from their homes.

And who’s doing what about it?

The US wants the United Nations to take over peacekeeping duties from the African Union.

But last month UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said few countries
were willing to send troops to Somalia, as there was no peace to keep.

What?! See how human lives can hang on semantics? (Didn’t Mother Teresa warn that the natural extension of the abortion mentality would be genocide?) 

So call them ‘peace-making troops’. Or if that’s not part of the mission interpretation…get a UN Secretary General who understands the mission.


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