The Tebow ad. Nice

Heightened emotions. Fear. Falsehood. Condemnation without information.

It's no surprise that it was all in the mix for the activist abortion-on-demand organizations agitating publicly for the past two weeks to keep the Tim Tebow ad off the air during the Super Bowl. Because that's how the pro-abortion movement operates.

If there's anything in the 37 years of legal abortion since Roe that has singularly and clearly revealed the fact that the movement that calls itself 'pro-choice' is actually 'pro-abortion' is this one. And the pro-abortion movement thrives on falsehood and lack of information.

This is what it was all about. All along. As USA Today calls it, it was 'an early hit', and one that will have the last laugh on critics.

What could they say to this? Pam Tebow, a happy mom, stands center screen, talking about her "miracle" baby Timmy and how he "almost didn't make it into this world." She beams, "He's all grown up now" but she worries because, "with all our family's been through, you have to be tough."

Whoops! Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Timmy, tackles mom right out of the picture. But she pops right back up, saying, "Timmy, I'm trying to tell our story here," and tells her big Heisman Trophy winning big boy, "You're not nearly as tough as I am."

That's it, folks. Now, visit the Focus on the Family site, for the rest of the story, and plenty more.

At the Focus site you can see this ad and the pre-game ad that didn't include the tackle scene. You'll also get the full story on exactly how tough she had to be. She was so sick doctor's advised ending her life-threatening pregnancy and she relied on her faith to carry Tim to term. You'll also see president Jim Daly on video inviting you to read or view a plethora of resources on heterosexual, married family life and on their efforts to get you talking . Daly says,

"Over 50 million children have lost their lives due to abortion. We simply want to ask people the question: Can we do better? I think we can."

Can we talk now?


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