Then can we get rid of all the empty spaces?

How far will atheists go to rid the landscape of any semblance of religious belief?


A case now before the Tenth Circuit federal appeals
court in Denver filed by the group American Atheists seeks to have
roadside crosses,  erected in Utah to memorialize state troopers who
have died, declared illegal.

This is a country littered with public displays of practically
obscene advertising and promotions of violent videos and films, all
allowed by free speech. If you are offended, so it goes, you don’t have
to look.

Suffice it to say that the case is yet another example
of atheist intolerance of the desires of those with religious faith to
manifest that faith, in a benign way that shouldn’t offend any sane
person. The case also demonstrates how casually atheists will try to
trample on the rights of free expression of those who don’t agree with
the atheist credo, that faith can only be seen and heard in private.

Except for faith in atheism. It’s amazing these cases get this far.


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