Then there's the other side of this attractive candidate

No need to go over all the usual talking points and recent incidents
reported endlessly by big media and small. Armstrong Williams analyzes The Real Barack.

By examining his voting record, analyzing his
experiences, and evaluating his prior work, we can begin to determine
if this is the man we want leading our country back to greatness.

Before I vetted him, Obama seemed like an ideal candidate. He is
young, charismatic, optimistic, intelligent, and energetic. He exudes
confidence, speaks well, debates finely, and listens just enough to be
considerate but not indecisive, and can galvanize the public and unite
people like nobody we have ever seen. But then there is the other side
of him.

Not the candidate, the senator.

Obama was given an 8 out of 100 lifetime rating (meaning
he is one of the most liberal lawmakers) by the American Conservative
Union, a conservative group that issues a report card on the voting
records of members of Congress. Likewise, the liberal group, Americans
for Democratic Action, rated Obama’s voting record in the Senate at
97.5 percent, near perfection for liberal Democrats. The National
Journal even named Obama the most liberal Senator in 2007. So what
exactly was he voting on that made his rankings so liberal?

Obama never voted for the Iraq War because he never had to – he was
not elected to the United States Senate until 2004. However, he
consistently rails on the war, saying that it was a distraction that
prevented America from focusing on Afghanistan, it was ill-advised, and
that troops should be immediately, but gradually, be redeployed leaving
only a small number in the country to conduct counterterrorism
operations and protect diplomats.

Many Obama supporters have said they don’t care about the issues,
they don’t care about his record. They just believe that he’s the one.
But for those who want to know…

While an Illinois State Senator for eight years, Obama
voted “present” 130 times instead of taking a definitive stand on the
issue at hand.

…which was usually about abortion, and even the protection of infants who survive an attempted abortion. 

In 2007 he voted against banning partial birth
abortions, for expanding research on stem cell lines, against declaring
English as the official language of the US Government…

This is not a criticism. It is a report. And it comes with a disclaimer, and then some advice.

Senator Barack Obama is a decent and honorable man and has the potential of being a tremendous leader someday.

That’s the disclaimer.

But before you get caught up in his charisma and
optimism, make sure you clearly understand where he plans to take the
world’s lone superpower. Experience especially in the area of foreign
policy is increasingly important with the instability around the globe.
Many rogue nations and world leaders would test the Senator early on in
his administration making a determination about his leadership, wisdom,
and judgment.

Don’t doubt that. Or that enemies of the U.S. are following this election keenly.

So whether the ‘cult of personality’ euphoria subsides anytime soon or not…

this man needs to be more vetted by the media and
seriously challenged by Senator McCain on the issues that matter most
to us as countrymen home and abroad.


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