They took a little time out to actually go to work

The senators running for president had to get back to Washington for
a day or so late this week and actually do some business of the Senate. Here’s one of the matters they voted on.

Led by votes from pro-abortion Democratic presidential
candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Senate rejected a
measure on Thursday night that would have promoted parental involvement
when it comes to a minor teenager girl who is considering an abortion.

The Senate voted on an amendment from Sen. John Ensign of Nevada
authorizing funds for the federal government to enforce the prevention
of taking teens to another state for a secret abortion.

Congress has previously considered the Child Custody Protection Act,
a bill to make sure someone can’t take a girl to another state for an
abortion that violates the parental consent or notification laws of her
home state.

Because the Senate’s pro-abortion leadership won’t take up the bill,
Ensign structured a budgetary amendment to essentially accomplish the
same purpose as the legislation and pro-life groups considered the vote
the same as a vote on the bill.

However, the Senate defeated the amendment on a 49-49 vote thanks to votes against it from both Obama and Clinton.

And then they returned to the campaign trail to ask us to elect them
to the role of protecting all Americans through the higest office in
the land.


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