"This is crazy"

Following up on that post below which declares the bailout frenzy
“is nuts”, the morning news shows are filled with senators and analysts
talking about different versions of today’s stimulus package and the
wrangling going on at the moment in the conference rooms of Congress.

Senator Lindsey Graham just vented some frustration that sounded
just plain reasonable. “This stinks”, he said repeatedly, complaining
that the process has broken down and senators are not talking to each
other. Some are watching public opinion polls and afraid to act. He
said this bill that will spend over a trillion dollars is, as of this
moment, being hammered out by 12 people behind closed doors (seven
Democrats and five Republicans) and the president is AWOL while out
giving television interviews. Graham said ’scaring people is not

Meanwhile, the 12 people haggling over the bill want to pass it by the end of the day today, and…”this is just crazy”.

It certainly does not give us any confidence in our nation’s leaders. People are worried, but politicians are panicked.


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