This may be a moot point by Tuesday, but...

…Hillary Clinton should not drop out of the race. Yet. Although the pressure on her is getting intense.

Top supporters of Senator Barack Obama, joined by at
least one prominent Democrat yet to endorse a candidate, put pressure
on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Sunday to bow out of the
presidential race unless she scores clear victories in the crucial
big-state primary contests on Tuesday.

“I just think that D-Day is Tuesday,” said Gov. Bill Richardson of
New Mexico, a former Democratic presidential candidate who has yet to
throw his support behind either candidate.

And two Obama supporters, Senators John Kerry and Dick Durbin,
pushed for Mrs. Clinton to withdraw if she does poorly at the polls on

However, in the loud chatter of voices repeating various strains of
this thinking over the weekend news shows, I heard two good analysts
say something different from the others. Something that had, I thought,
good insight and wisdom. They said Hillary Clinton should be gracious,
maybe suspend her campaign or put it on hold for a few months if she
doesn’t pull out a victory on Super Tuesday II…and give people the time
to take a breath and settle in with the reality of what a president
Barack Obama would actually be like for the country.

Assuming the media and voters would be willing to examine that question…


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