This media bash may be backfiring

It depends on what is meant by “bash”.

One thing the media pack didn’t count on in running hard at Sarah Palin, was how the public scrutiny they tried to control…..has turned on them.

Regardless of how well Sarah Palin does in Thursday’s
debate, conservatives would be astounded if the major media
acknowledged her success.

The vigor with which the media have gone after Palin has been astounding.

Liberals are extraordinarily chagrined that the first
woman in 24 years to be on a national ticket isn’t Hillary, but a
conservative. And while they critique and disrespect Palin with gusto,
they underestimate the backlash of support they’ve created for her,
even from many Americans who don’t think of themselves as conservatives.

She needs to be heard now, in her own words, not handled by campaign
staffers or edited by condescending journalists. Americans are eager to
decide for themselves. Media notwithstanding.


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