This should be easy enough to answer

It’s no doubt in the works right now to find out where Sen. Obama was on the day in question, whether listening to blistering attacks on America, or giving a stump speech somewhere else.

It may have been a small issue to media paying any attention back then, but at odds today is this:

Barack Obama’s attendance at a Jeremiah Wright sermon on
July 22, 2007. In the sermon, Wright blamed the “white arrogance” of
America’s majority for the woes of the world. Davis noted that Wright
emphasized the point by referring to the United States as the “United
States of White America.” According to Davis, Obama nodded in apparent
agreement as these statements were made.

Other sermons will no doubt emerge. The media have known these
things for a long time and kept quiet about any speculation or
influence or questions of judgment. But they’re out now, and the spin is on.


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