This was supposed to be a breeze

The Dems counted on a coronation at their convention with a very
popular and charismatic candidate, while the Republicans were
supposedly still struggling to accept theirs and none too happy with
him for one reason or another. But a funny thing happened over the

Sen. Obama’s numbers have dropped in the polls, Sen. McCain’s have risen, they’re statistically tied now, and there’s ‘a new sense of urgency’ in the air at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Democrats gathering here for their nominating convention
are significantly more nervous about Senator Barack Obama’s prospects
this fall than they were a month ago, and are urging him to use the
next four days to address weaknesses in his candidacy and lingering
party divisions from the primary fight.

That could be a difficult task.

With the Democratic National Convention opening in
Denver today, the Post’s lead story reports several steps party leaders
are taking to unify the Democrats behind Barack Obama, even though many
of them remain committed to Hillary Clinton.

Judging from the readers who have commented on that article, the challenge remains large.

Our Readers express bitterness over the primaries and Clinton’s
loss; some find Obama wanting in substance and experience; some vow to
vote for Republican John McCain and wait for Clinton to run again in
2012; some say they’ll sit out.

Beyond what’s regularly been turning up in the media about Clinton’s
angry supporters, I’m hearing a lot of women talk about it among
themselves or their groups. These are women who either are not
Democratic voters, or are disenfranchised Democrats who would have
preferred a pro-life candidate in their party, besides actually Hillary
backers. They’re saying, across the board, Clinton was treated
unfairly, and that it reflects on gender issues that remain in society
despite progress.

Going to be an interesting week.


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