Thoughtless show what?

That Congress can actually agree on something, enough to pass it?

Or…is this a plan to exert raw power early in the new and liberal controlled Congress?

Seeking quick legislative victories in Congress to show they are the party of change,

(aha, there you are) 

along with their new president Barack Obama, Democrats
are expected to push an embryonic stem cell research bill in January.
The measure would force taxpayers to fund research that involves the
destruction of human life.

Although adult stem cells are the only kind of stem cell
to ever help patients and scientists are more energized about the new
iPS cells from direct reprogramming,

(but never mind that)…

Democrats are still stuck on embryonic cells.

Embryonic stem cells have never been tried in humans


because of the problems associated with their use in
animals — ranging from the growth of tumors to immune system rejection

Still, [emphasis added] Democratic leaders want to overturn the stem cell research policy President Bush put in place.


“There is a large degree of consensus to move quickly to
demonstrate that change has come to Washington,” Rep. Chris Van Hollen,
a Maryland Democrat, told the Wall St. Journal Wednesday.

Just for the sake of it. Because they can.


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