Time for FOCA?

Mainstream media didn’t cover the March for Life. They didn’t report
on the baby born alive in a Miami abortion clinic and thrown out in a
plastic bag. They failed to cover the ‘Italian Terri Schiavo’ who died
last week, Eluana Englaro, as Italian Parliament urgently worked to
pass legislation to save her life.

They’ve tried to ignore the Freedom of Choice Act. But since the
grassroots pro-life movement has engaged such a large public awareness
campaign to resist its passage, they have to say something.

So the standard MO of the media when having to confront something they’d rather not, is to diminish its importance.

Like Time did.

In a Time magazine essay heavily biased against the
pro-life viewpoint, Amy Sullivan details efforts by the American
Catholic bishops to fight against adoption of the Freedom of Choice Act
(FOCA), and points out– accurately– that the legislation has not even
been introduced. FOCA will provide a handy rallying point for pro-life
lobbyists, she argued (overlooking the fact that pro-abortion lobbyists
will be equally active), but the legislation is not expected to gain
approval in Congress.

That’s another one. Lull them into a full sense of complacency. (…which isn’t working, either)


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