Twilight Alternative #2: Every Soul a Star

The lives of three young teenagers intersect when they travel to the Moon Shadow camping ground to witness an eclipse.
Ally is a country-loving home-schooled thirteen-year-old who has no idea about fashion or makeup or boys. Bree is a city chic and a wannabe model who is devastated when her ‘mad scientist' parents move the family to the country. And Jack is an awkward kid who's helping his science teacher on the eclipse tour to make up for a failed exam.
The friendship between these three (and a few more besides) works wonders on their character. Ally discovers that beauty filled with personality is more attractive than empty perfection. And by spending time with the right people, Bree rediscovers her love for learning and the joy of thinking of others. And for Jack, meeting Ally and the others gives him a zest for life he never knew he could have.
In the midst of the friendship and adventure the story is also quite wise on young love, showing how relationships tainted by vanity can be transformed into genuine friendship. There are some difficult family situations mentioned which could be discussed with younger readers, though they are not a significant part of the plot and are outnumbered by happy ones.
Overall it's a fairly easy read that's still deep enough to make it worthwhile.


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