UN update

While our attention is otherwise focused….

The United Nations is quietly beefing up its programs exporting abortion, thanks to the politicians in power now.

Congressional Democrats have unveiled their new omnibus
spending bill that will fund federal government programs through the
autumn months. The measure, H.R. 1105, contains language that would
restore the money President Bush withheld from the UNFPA because of its
abortion activities.

Sending taxpayer dollars to the United Nations Population Fund,
UNFPA, has been controversial because the group both advocates for
abortion and has been involved in China’s population control program.

Several investigations have shown the UNFPA to work hand-in-hand
with the family planning officials in China that enforce its coercive
one-child policy with forced abortions and sterilizations as well as
other human rights abuses.

Every year during his presidency, President Bush withheld tens of
millions in taxpayer funds from the UNFPA, but Congressional Democrats,
with a friend in Barack Obama in the White House, have restored the

The omnibus bill adds language that makes it so the president or his
administration is not required to sign off on the funding and make sure
the UNFPA is not violating the Kemp-Kasten law which forbids funding
groups involved in forced abortions.

Think that sentence through…

The president will not need to make sure the UNFPA is not violating
the law that forbids funding groups involved in forced abortions.

As a result, even if the UNFPA were to violate provisions of law unrelated to abortion, it would still receive funding.

Is there any ray of light for the beleaguered pro-life movement?
Yes. When your feet are to the fire, you either move fast or you get


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