Until he has an opponent, anyway

John McCain is enjoying some higher polling numbers right now.
Higher as in ahead of either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. How far
ahead depends on who’s counting.

NBC has it handicapped this way:

Currently polls show McCain either narrowly ahead or
even with both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It is impressive
considering how poorly the GOP, and specifically the president, are
viewed by the public.

But it is a faux lead.

Wishful thinking? Politico has this report:

Powered by the same appeal to Democrats and independents
that fueled his primary election success, McCain is leading Barack
Obama 48 percent to 42 percent and Hillary Clinton 51 percent to 40
percent according to RNC polling done late last month.

He’s moved ahead of the two Democrats by consolidating support among
Republicans, but also by retaining his backing among a wide swath of
independents and picking up a small chunk of cross-party support.

To be honest, that polling was internal within the Republic party.

All of which illustrates….what? 1) You can work the numbers and
percentages and data just about any way you want right now. And 2) News
stories like these prove they’re running out of things to talk about in
the media at the moment.


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