What technical glitches?

Sarah Palin pulled off the perfect speech for the RNC to rally its
base and re-launch the conservative movement. And she did it without a
hitch. But the technical crew in the Excel Energy Center had major

Did you know her teleprompter went out? Several times. You’re not seeing that in morning accounts of the ‘coming out’ speech. But the equipment kept failing, early on,
and even after it was replaced. She had to wing it, though who knew, watching the barnstormer? More smooth than many veteran speakers could pull off.
And natural. Prepared text down, she added personal improv to her

So though Palin spoke clearly to the assembled convention crowd,
without a prompter to follow she was able to look straight into the
camera and squarely at the Americans watching. And she said she knew
they expected leaders to govern “with integrity, goodwill, clear
convications, and a servant’s heart.”

She looked you in the face and said that families with ’special needs’ children will have an advocate in the White House.

They had trouble in the control room. But Palin connected with plenty of electricity, and finesse.


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