What was not in the compromise

Current news is that one of the House committees has come out of their latest wrangling over the health bill with a compromise.

President Obama’s ambitious plan to overhaul the nation’s healthcare system got a major boost when a pivotal House committee passed a compromise bill Friday night, clearing the way for a floor vote this fall.
The bill was approved 31 to 28, with five Democrats and all of the Republicans on the energy and commerce committee voting against it.
What news reports aren’t telling you (or don’t know, themselves) is that the amendment Energy and Commerce passed keeps taxpayer funded abortion in the health mandate. And that after passing that amendment, the committee went on to defeat a bi-partisan pro-life amendment that would have prevented tax dollars from funding abortion. 
“This amendment could be the last chance to prevent the abortion mandate before the vote goes to floor of the House of Representatives,” said a pro-life leader in Washington by email, as this was going down.
“We have a historic opportunity to transform our healthcare system,” Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.), a leader of the panel’s conservative faction, said ahead of the vote.
Yes, we do. With a majority of American’s now identifying themselves as pro-life, and a larger majority opposing their taxes paying for abortion, we have a gargantuan opportunity to stand for the Judeo-Christian principles the nation was founded on through our elected representatives. Or set the historic precedent of unleashing abortion from all current regulations established by individual states, and making the people pay for it. In more ways than one.


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