What would Lincoln do?

Today is the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, and
Washington has been holding festive and solemn ceremonies to honor the
16th president, one of President Obama’s personal heroes. At the
morning ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda, Lincoln’s actions and words
were recalled in the opening prayer, and in Obama’s speech, but they’re
all missing an important and obvious point.

In the invocation, Rev. Barry Black quoted Lincoln as saying
“injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, a truth Dr.
Martin Luther King carried into the civil rights movement. In his
speech, Obama referred to Lincoln’s “absolute certainty in the
righteous cause of ending slavery”, which was also in the minds and
hearts of civil rights activists in their struggle to end
discrimination against a whole class of human beings.

The undeniable truth is that abortion and euthanasia constitute
today’s civil rights movement. There’s a direct connection between the
two human rights causes, and it’s hard to believe Obama of all people
cannot see it (or will not admit to it). Slave owners made the same
arguments against recognizing blacks as human beings with the same
inherent dignity and rights as whites (abhorrent to even recall this)
that abortion rights activists are making against recognizing pre-born
babies growing in their mothers’ wombs as human beings with the same
inherent dignity and rights as anybody and everybody else. Which
includes the disabled, the elderly, the impaired, the dying and
dependent class of human beings.

Rev. Black ended his prayer imploring the Lord to ‘inspire us to
follow his [Lincoln’s] footsteps until justice flows like mighty
waters’ across the land. We need a serious public debate over what
constitutes justice.


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