What's news, and what's not

Politico has a good roundup of the latest on the campaigns. This both is and isn’t news. It’s probably bad news to Mike Huckabee. But
then, he’s been marching to his own drum all along, anyway. And still is.

It may be all bluster to motivate donors and raise coin
— like most fundraising pitches — but in an e-mail solicitation tonight
Huck is now openly pushing the notion of taking his race to the

He can’t mathematically get 1,191 delegates before then, so it’s
pretty much the only card — aside from talking up “miracles” —  he has
to play. 

Huckabee sincerely believes in miracles. And in this race, anything can happen. As Martin points out. 

And, in yet another reminder of just how unpredictable
this race has been, who would have guessed a year ago that the race
would come down to Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee hanging on to the
March 4 Texas primary as their last, best chance?

Here’s another story that’s both some of the old, but with a real twist on the new.

In an ironic twist to the historic Democratic nominating
contest between an African-American and a woman, the balance of power
may be held by a more familiar face: the white male.

According to a Politico analysis, close to half of the 700-plus
Democratic superdelegates who could end up determining the party
nominee are white men.

Though there was definitely an ‘old boy network’, the oddity of this
is that white males have in recent cultural history in America become
the easiest group to discriminate against for mainstream media and
liberal activists. As the article points out, they will not only be a
decisive force again, but decisive for the leadership of either a black
man or a woman. It’s a sign of the times.

But some Democrats are really unhappy about this turn of events.

That strong response could portend a messy intraparty
fight in the event that superdelegates cast the decisive votes for the

Now really, if we’ve come such a long way as we say, and race and
gender don’t matter anymore (which, by the way, they really dont that
much - this really is about who people are)…..then why are white guys
still such an unacceptable group? Is that reverse discrimination?

And this is something that really needs to change in Washington. But remember,
three of the four leading candidates in the race are members of this

And the other guy, Huckabee, here’s a snip from an address he gave in Wisconsin yesterday.

“In many ways, the discussion over the next several
weeks is not just about the next election, it is about the next
generation,” he said. “It’s not just about the politics of the
Republican party, it’s about the principles of the Republican party.
It’s not just about winning and losing an election, it’s about winning
and losing a culture. It’s about whether or not we will stand for
something or whether we will fall for anything just so that we can beat
the other guys.”

He continued, “Ladies and gentlemen, if it doesn’t matter anymore
what we believe, then most of us probably wouldn’t have gotten involved
in politics anyway. Because most of us didn’t get involved because of
the game of it. We got involved because of the goal of it – which is to
preserve, protect, and pass on a culture and a country for our kids.”

This will remain a fascinating race for forseeable future. But
then….nothing much that’s happened so far has been forseeable
beyond…the present hour.


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