While they're still buzzing about the vice-presidential debate

The next presidential debate is about to begin.

The polls that had Sen. Obama up by about 8 points yesterday, have
the two candidates a couple of points apart today, within the
statistical margin of error in some key states. That’s one big storyline today…

The other is how well-suited Sen. McCain is to these townhall style debates
(though Obama got this far largely on the strength of his speechmaking
and his ability to finesse large crowds with oratory).

And most big media pick up the same talking points and pass them along.

More of them should pass along this point of consideration in the presidential election.

The Los Angeles Times, in a weekend article, clearly
articulated the massive stakes for the pro-life movement in the
upcoming presidential election.

This is important as Barack Obama has pledged to only appoint
pro-abortion judges while John McCain promises jurists who won’t make
up the law from the bench.

The newspaper confirms the importance pro-life groups have placed on
the election — saying that it could determine the fate of legal
abortions for decades because of the power the next president will have
to shape the Supreme Court.

Although some skeptics doubt the impact the presidential election
will have, even leading pro-abortion groups agree that the Supreme
Court hangs in balance.

“Every four years, defenders of abortion rights proclaim that the
fate of Roe vs. Wade hangs on the outcome of the presidential
election,” the Times said in a Sunday story. “This year, they may be


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