‘Why would everything be political?’ Jordan Peterson on art, conscience and Marxism

Here’s a really interesting interview with Jordan Peterson about his new book. The interviewer, from the RT (Russia Today) network, tries to inveigle him into endorsing Russian and Chinese critiques of American culture. But Peterson (politely) won’t have it.

Instead, he directs the conversation towards art, architecture and music.

“Man does not live by bread alone and that's as true as anything that's ever been said,” he responds. “And you make a relationship with beauty in your own house, for example, if you buy a piece of art, a genuine piece of art that speaks to you, you let something that's transcendent and that's a portal in some sense to the divine, you let that into your house and then you let that into your life. And that can have a transforming effect. It's nothing to be taken lightly.”  

The interviewer also suggests that Peterson’s work appeal to elites because it is about self-improvement, not revolutionary social change. But Peterson responds with typical aplomb: “Well, I don't think there's any more revolutionary act than telling the truth. You know, my books support the elite? I don't think that's true in the least, except insofar as the elite, to whatever degree the elite are supported by truth, I'm asking people to pay attention.”

For fans of Jordan Peterson, this is well worth watching.


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