Wild west, renegades on the loose

Wesley J Smith is on a rant, and here’s why:

We now have hundreds of thousands of unimplanted embryos in the deep freeze, that for some scientists, are like gold in them thar hills. Billions are being spent on research attempting to transform their nascent bodies into miracle medical cures, claiming all the leftovers as a pretext for the research, while at the same time the IVF industry and the usual political suspects throw fits at the prospect of creating even minimal regulations that might stop all of the “spares” from being created…
Now that we are looking to the unborn as a natural resource to be mined and brought to market, we are hearing the early calls for fetus farming and harvesting of fetal organs and body parts. Transhumanists and their ilk want to genetically enhance embryos to create a race of ubermenschen “post humans.” But that will require cloning, and lots of it, so that we can learn how to do it, which will entail the creation and destruction of who knows how many human embryos before scientists figure it all out.  Once cloning becomes reliable and “safe,” the call for reproductive cloning would be clarion.
We think reproductive cloning is out of bounds and off the table. It isn’t.
But you know, there are a lot of unwanted children out there desperate for a home. As we bend over backwards and forwards and sideways to make sure couples can have children–what about them?


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