Will the Clinton Catholics become Obama Catholics?

That’s actually not the right question.

The glaringly obvious question is why the media ignore the
disconnect of a Catholic supporting a pro-abortion politician, no
matter how much they like the candidate and their positions on anything
else. The point is, unlike any other issue, abortion is about everything else.

Kathryn Jean Lopez has a good article on this over at NRO.

When the topic was recently a matter of cable
talking-heads’ concern, I was asked, repeatedly, in all seriousness, if
Catholics can even vote. After all, war is bad. The death penalty is
bad. Abortion is bad. John McCain supports the war on terror. He
supports capital punishment. He is against abortion. Obama: antiwar,
pro-abortion, functionally anti-death penalty. So neither wins. Or
Obama wins? “Can Catholics vote for anyone?” readers asked.

There is much confusion out there.

When I’m on the radio or at speaking engagements, I get the question
often whether Catholics are ‘one-issue voters’. Apparently, Lopez
answers this one a lot, too.

The thing about abortion is, it’s not just any other issue — as serious as so many others are. Abortion is not open to debate.

That’s not Lopez opining. It’s the unchanged teaching of the
Catholic Church. She’s got a got snip there from Pope Benedict that
clearly shows the moral connection of the protection of human life
to….everything. She also quotes Archbishop Charles Chaput, which I’ve
done here in the Forum on this, because he is so strong on his duty to be a voice in the public square, and he clearly articulates moral truths.

Pope Benedict called on the bishops to do that, in his address to them in Washington.

Lopez has a good piece on Catholics and politicians. The media should be more familiar with these points. So should Catholics.

Engage reason.

The article quotes Sen. Obama on a couple of things. One is what he
said about the Born Alive Infants Act that he refused to support (a
point I’ve made time and again).

The other is an impromptu answer he gave at a campaign rally.

Barack Obama says he would never want his daughters to be “punished” by the birth of an unplanned baby.

That got some play in the media for a few days, then dropped
completely. No doubt we’ll be hearing more of that soundbite “punished
with a baby” in the coming months.

Honestly, how can anyone with those views of life make a coherent
argument for any other issue that involves rights and morality?


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