Wonder what Obama thinks of Daniel Ortega's endorsement

With all the endorsements blazing through the news, some news folks
wonder aloud how much they really matter. Though in the grand scheme of
things, some are more interesting than others.

President Daniel Ortega, who led the 1979 revolution in
Nicaragua, says Barack Obama’s presidential bid is a “revolutionary”
phenomenon in the United States.

“It’s not to say that there is already a revolution under way in the
U.S. … but yes, they are laying the foundations for a revolutionary
change,” the Sandinista leader said Wednesday night…

It does have that feel.

In statements broadcast on Sandinista Radio La
Primerisima, Ortega said he has “faith in God and in the North American
people, and above all in the youth, that the moment of great change in
the U.S. will come and it will act differently, with justice and
equality toward all nations.”

He has the rhetoric that captures the moment.

Ortega also called Obama a spokesman for the millions of
Central American and Mexican citizens who migrate to the U.S. in search
of work, though polls indicate most Latino voters so far have favored
Clinton over Obama.

Think this will sway their decision?


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