Worthwhile in-flight entertainment

 We’ve all been bored mindless at some point on a long flight - sick of the duty-free magazine or limited movie selection, and dreading the next bout of plane food. But have you ever thought about the fact that those long hours could be used to build your knowledge rather than eat away your brain matter? If you’re looking for more useful and thought-provoking entertainment, you could find it in a company called Ideas Roadshow.

The company produces long-format videos of its founder interviewing noteworthy figures, as well as e-books and audio. Aimed at the “curious non-specialist”, they aim to look at specialised topics in a manner understandable to your average consumer. Think fields such as bioluminescence, autism, translation and Platonism ... definitely great for improving your general knowledge! And with their app, you could spend your sky-high hours in a different kind of way.
The idea certainly won’t appeal to everyone, but I think that I’d give it a try. It would be such a different feeling to get off a plane feeling like you’ve learnt something and spent those hours productively, especially when ir's hard to find the time in the midst of everyday life. 


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