Wright question

Everyone has one, or a few, about the pastor and the politician.
Most are similar, like “what did he know and when did he know it?” The
New York Times thinks it’s whether or not Wright will talk some more.

Hugh Hewitt says that’s not it, and he raises a tougher one.

The crucial question is whether Jeremiah Wright believes
his own rhetoric.  If he does, how can he  silently endure being
branded a whacko by the man he helped raise to some very high heights?

What a good point.

The ingratitude displayed by Obama this week is
staggering to an outsider, and must be deeply hurtful to Wright and
Wright’s friends and associates at Trinity. 

I haven’t heard anyone else take this line of reasoning. 

But even more hurtful is having your worldview dismissed
by a close friend as a series of “rants” before an audience of millions
around the globe.  I don’t think there is a parallel episode in
American political history, and I am certain this drama is far from
played out.

Many questions persist, and yesterday’s press conference didn’t answer them. It raised more.


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