Doctor Why? – the sad degeneration of Doctor Who into unwatchable woke propaganda

Recently, I watched a repeat of a classic old BBC Doctor Who serial from 1975, Pyramids of Mars, in which the titular Time Lord from the Planet Gallifrey battles Sutekh, the jackal-headed Egyptian God of Death. Following the broadcast, an advert for the final episode of the modern-day reboot of Doctor Who was shown, in which Sutekh made a belated return. Not having seen the show for a few series, since it had degenerated into unwatchable far-left propaganda of a queer and race-based nature, I thought I’d tune in and compare how the programme had changed down the decades.

The most initially obvious difference should have been in the special effects, thanks to expensive CGI technology paid for by the BBC’s new co-production deal with Disney. Yet in fact, the most glaringly obvious change lay in the person of the Doctor himself: unlike any of his straight and pale predecessors, he was now a flamboyant homosexual black man. In real life, the new actor embodying the Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa, also appears to play this roleto an absolute tee, no acting necessary. Supposedly, Gatwa was chosen purely on the basis of how good he was in auditions – presumably, the other candidates simply had to pretend to be black and homosexual enough, so didn’t get the part.

There is also the curious, and wholly “coincidental”, fact that Gatwa happens to have come to Britain from Rwanda as a refugee whilst still a child – Rwanda being the very nation that the Conservative government just happened to be trying to deport illegal foreign immigrants to at the time Gatwa won the role. This sounds suspiciously as though someone in charge of such things at the BBC was simply trying to make some kind of political point. “Look, kids!” the series would seem to be saying to its substantially young viewer-base. “The Evil Tory Government now even want to deport Doctor Who! Having immigrants like Gatwa here is to our immense national benefit – who else would keep on saving us from the Daleks and Cybermen?” 

From Time Lord to Gay Lord

Doctor Who’s current show-runner, Russell T. Davies, is a noted queer activist and transphile, previously best known for his explicit, gaytastic series Queer As Folk. A fanatical lefty anti-Conservative, Davies once labelled them “murderers” and “bastards” in a typically sane and balanced public speech. What horrific Tory policy was he protesting about here? Their (cancelled) plan to raise some money for the Treasury by privatising the part-public-owned UK TV station Channel 4. Oh.

The original version of Doctor Who was cancelled by the BBC in 1989, after its scriptwriters became so desperate they actually sank so far as to introduce the popular TV sweet-advert character Bertie Bassett as a monster in one inadvertently hilarious episode. But when Davies was placed in charge of its later complete reboot back in 2005, he did a sterling job, arguably making the show better than ever. He didn’t even draft the talking M&Ms people in as baddies.

As such, hopes amongst fans were initially high when it was announced Davies would be returning to helm the franchise from 2024 on, after it had hit an all-time critical and ratings low in the previous few series which had featured a female lesbian (she was especially attracted to off-duty Muslim police-ladies) Doctor – although still played by a sickeningly white thespian at this point in time and space. Unfortunately, to judge by exceedingly poor broadcast ratings for Davies’ latest 2024 version of the series in the UK thus far, these hopes were not fulfilled.

Yet in interviews, Davies was not concerned. Ratings were pushed up substantially when viewings on catch-up streaming services were factored in, making it likely that, whilst thoroughly alienating many of its former adult fans, the latest series was nonetheless being watched by tech-literate young people. “It’s not doing that well in the [scheduled broadcast TV] ratings,” Davies told journalists, “but it is doing phenomenally well with the younger audience that we wanted.”

Why did Davies want to attract a younger audience? Maybe it was a commercial condition of the BBC’s new co-production contract with Disney? Maybe Davies, as a childhood super-fan himself, just wanted to herd a new generation of young fans into the TARDIS? Or, more troublingly, maybe the obsessively gay Davies simply spied an unmissable opportunity to push queer propaganda to kids disguised as a harmless tea-time (a slot he specifically pushed for it to be scheduled in) sci-fi adventure show?

In the 1960s, Doctor Who was initially conceived as an educational program, designed to teach kids about figures like Marco Polo, as the Doctor travelled back through time to meet them. Under Davies today, it appears conceived more as a re-educational program, designed to teach kids about the use of the correct pronouns: one recent episode specifically featured the Doctor receiving a prim lecture on the subject after carelessly referring to a small furry alien named Beep the Meep as “he”, when Beep preferred to be addressed otherwise. Other delights in store for watching schoolchildren included the Doctor engaging in a passionate interracial gay kiss, a mixed-race transgender character named Rose, and an ET villain played by the US drag-queen Jynkx Monsoon.

With all this identitarian casting going on, many poor kids must have been confused as to which characters were supposed to be the humans, and which were meant to be the aliens: the average Sontaran looks far less extraterrestrially freakish (and more feminine) than Jynkx Monsoon to me. Once upon a time, small children used to hide behind the sofa in fear of the Daleks coming to get them. Today, they would be far better advised to duck down behind the furniture to avoid all the Groomers. 

A cancellation a day keeps the Doctor a gay

The main Doctor under Davies’ original reign as showrunner was David Tennant, who of late has taken to making incoherent pro-trans lectures calling for the apparent gagging of Conservative MPs who try to ensure the continued existence of single-sex spaces in schools and suchlike, whilst wearing a Gay Pride-coloured TARDIS pin-badge and a T-shirt reading “LEAVE TRANS KIDS ALONE, YOU ABSOLUTE FREAKS”. I want to know where I can get a counter-shirt reading “LEAVE NORMAL KIDS ALONE, YOU ABSOLUTE FOOLS”.

So concerned is he about the plight of our vulnerable youth, that Russell T. Davies himself “regularly meets students” and is worried about “their nervousness and mental health” because “anti-gay, anti-queer thinking is on the rise”, with all this bile being “smuggled in under the disguise of children’s rights and protecting children.” What, you mean just like how ideologues like you smuggled in child-damaging propaganda about trans rights into kids’ TV shows under the “disguise of … protecting [queer] children” by making them feel adequately represented on-screen?

Yet nonetheless, Davies’ new Doctor Who isn’t only aimed at gays – oh no. “Even if you’re straight as a nail, come and watch because there’s lots in this for you," Davies has reassured viewers. Really? Is there? Where? All I can see is endless mendacious rainbow agitprop, ineptly disguised as politically neutral family entertainment. And anyone who objects to all this blatant youth-grooming? “Shame on you and good luck to you in your lonely lives,” says Davies, like a typical beacon of contemporary left-wing tolerance.

But how tolerant are the people now in charge of running Doctor Who themselves, actually? In 2019, one of the show’s best writers, Gareth Roberts, was dropped from penning spin-off sci-fi stories by BBC Books following a cancellation campaign against him for a supposedly “transphobic” tweet he posted online. Roberts, by the way, is gay, but a normal harmless one, with no interest in imposing his personal tastes upon wider normative society or small impressionable children.

Also gay but unacceptably socially normal is actor James Dreyfuss, who voiced the evil Time Lord The Master in BBC audio-book Doctor Who adventures – until he too was unceremoniously dropped (without even being told) after writing a letter to the queer activist group Stonewall politely asking them to modify their extreme tone on transgender issues. 

 “You will be converted,” the Cybermen robot-people used to say in old episodes of the show. I didn’t realise that actually meant converted to being trans.

The Doctor vs the script-doctors

Ever since its initial reboot under Davies in 2005, Doctor Who has modelled the entryism-style path woke activism has taken in wider society in general. There was a recurring non-straight character in the early reboot series, Captain Jack Harkness, but he just seemed an inoffensive, non-sermonising, camp figure of fun. But was Captain Jack really more a hidden gay entry-point?

Bit by bit, element after element of left-wing dogma was drip-fed into the show too, at first merely as background noise, but ultimately playing so central a role that it began to completely ruin the programme. Many viewers do not appreciate being preached to, and switched off in their droves as the general script-quality plunged off a cliff.

A complete list of the leftist indignities inflicted on the Doctor of late would be so lengthy as to be impossible here, but, inter alien, might include the following:

  • An episode in which it is implied men may get pregnant.
  • The Doctor’s evil arch-nemesis The Master regenerating into a female alternative-form of “Missy“, thus making him seemingly transgender too. If not, why not just nip such speculation in the bud by saying Missy was The Master’s sister or something?
  • Missy/The Master later regenerating into a male once again … but a brown Indian one.
  • A pair of recurring interspecies lesbian characters, one of whom is a human female, the other a scaly green female lizard-woman, or Silurian, named Madame Vastra.
  • A storyline in which the Doctor is more impressed by meeting the incredibly insignificant speck on the bootsole of British history that is Mary Seacole – a self-styled “nurse” (she really wasn’t) during the Crimean War – than any other such figure the Time Lord has ever met, even Churchill or Shakespeare. Why? Because Mary Seacole happened to have been born with black skin.
  • Also surprisingly born with black skin was Sir Isaac Newton – at least according to another highly historically dubious recent episode.

Like many former fans who have now abandoned the show, I just want to see the Doctor fighting Sutekh; not lecturing him for perpetrating acts of “cultural appropriation” against the poor helpless ancient Egyptians (there was actually a line to this effect in the most recent episode).

As for what’s going to be in Russell T. Davies’ next series of Doctor Who, my best guess is that it will feature “The Gay Daleks” from Victor Lewis-Smith’s 1997/98 late-night British comedy sketch-show TV Offal – view a typical clip here, if you’re not easily offended. I suspect this footage may by now actually be illegal.  


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The Doctor’s Plot

The modern incarnation of the show is also filled with blatant race-propaganda. One particular storyline appeared under its second main showrunner, Steven Moffat, and falsely implied Regency-era London was full of black people, when it clearly wasn’t. “Bit more black than they show in the movies,” says the Doctor’s surprised assistant. “So was Jesus. History’s a whitewash,” replies the Doctor. Isn’t lying to kids that Newton was Nigerian a bit of a blackwash too, though?

Speaking in 2016, Moffat justified his bizarre utopian racial agenda thus: 

“Sometimes the nature of a particular show—historical dramas, for instance—makes diversity more of a challenge, but Doctor Who has absolutely nowhere to hide on this. Young people [i.e., black, brown and Muslim ones] watching have to know that they have a place in the future. That really matters. You have to care profoundly what children’s shows in particular say about where you’re going to be [demographically]. And we’ve kind of got to tell a lie: we’ll go back into history and there will be black people where, historically, there wouldn’t have been ... We’ll say, ‘To hell with it, this is the imaginary, better version of the world. By believing in it, we’ll summon it forth.’”

Once, the purpose of Doctor Who was to educate children about the actual past, like when he met Marco Polo exploring China; today, the purpose is to deliberately miseducate children about an invented past, in which Regency London was full of Jamaicans instead.

Let Zygons Be Zygons

The real problem is that Doctor Who is no longer really Doctor Who at all – it just looks like it is, at first glance. Same name. Same main character (in name). Same TARDIS spacecraft-cum-time-machine. Same theme music. Same enemies. Completely different content and purpose. Entertainment has been replaced with brainwashing.

The series actually has a race of evil aliens named the Zygons who operate uncannily similarly – shapeshifters from the Planet Zygor, they impersonate murdered humans perfectly, then take their place, thereby to rule all of society, in a silent coup: I think their leader was called Gramsci. I can only conclude that, given the difference between the frequent excellence of his initial mid-2000s rebooted series of Doctor Who and his abysmal later 2024 one, somewhere in-between Russell T. Davies himself has actually been eaten, and then subsequently impersonated, by a Zygon himself.   

The same thing has happened to so many Western institutions today, too: the BBC, the Church of England, the US State Department … all once had clear and legitimate institutional purposes, but, despite still bearing the same names and operating within the same buildings, they are in fact the same in name only, devoted now mainly to promoting gayness, race-politics, and Cultural Marxism in all its baleful forms. Woke-captured and hollowed-out on the inside, they exist only as external simulacra of what they once were – like a cadaverous zombie-corpse taken over and controlled by the mental will of Sutekh, or killed and impersonated by the Zygons. Are we even still living in the West at all anymore, or, like Doctor Who, is it just called that?

Tellingly, when the Zygons were rebooted for the modern show, they too were ideologically transformed into walking lectures about the need not to label all innocent, peace-loving Muslim immigrants to the UK as potential terrorists in civilian disguise.

In and of itself, the ruination of a single once-enjoyable TV show is utterly trivial in the grand scheme of things. But, when the leftist Zygons ensure that every single aspect of our civilisation is headed that way too, things become rather more serious. Who will save Planet Earth from conquest and disaster this time around? Certainly not Doctor Who any more. 

Are you a Doctor Who fan? Are you happy with the latest version? 

Steven Tucker is a UK-based writer with over ten books to his name. His latest, “Hitler’s and Stalin’s Misuse of Science”, comparing the woke pseudoscience of today to the totalitarian pseudoscience of the past, was released in 2023.

Image credit: David Tennant, as the Fourteenth Doctor, with Catherine Tate as Donna Noble for a Doctor Who 60th Anniversary special last year / BBC


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  • Marty Hayden
    commented 2024-07-04 09:03:18 +1000
    Yes, Anon, it’s incredibly woke. The fact that you don’t see that means that you are likely totally assimilated by the woke culture, sadly. There is absolutely no reason to assign same sex attraction to the character of Doctor Who. That is, unless you are woke.
  • Anon Emouse
    My, how sensitive people have become. Having a gay character is “woke”. I feel like “woke” is just a dog-whistle for anything that conservatives don’t like.
  • Marty Hayden
    commented 2024-07-02 22:15:55 +1000
    We used to watch Dr. Who as a family as recently as 4 years ago. David Tennant was one of our favorites. Wow has the show gone of the deep end! Pure woke trash.
  • Angela Shanahan
    commented 2024-06-29 11:18:04 +1000
    I am such an ancient fan. I actually saw the very first episode aired in Australian television when I was nine years old. I was hooked straight away and was devastated to have to go on holidays with my boring family to South Australia where I was sure I would miss vital episodes. This stuff sounds so boring.Ah the days when my brothers tried to drill holes in the garbage bin so they could be daleks. Doctor Who was part of my gens common culture. My husband and I still refer to an annoying old bloke in our neighbourhood who gets around in an electric wheelchair thing as Davros.
  • Steven Tucker
    published this page in The Latest 2024-06-28 11:56:08 +1000