I oppose the Voice because it will divide Australians

I oppose the Voice because it will divide Australians

Division, division, division.

That’s been the story of the referendum on the Voice to Parliament since day one.

And with five weeks to go, it’s going to continue.

Because really the question the Australian people are being asked is: do you want to divide Australians by race in our national rulebook?

Supporters of the Voice can dress it up however they want. But there’s no doubt that’s what is happening.

What else would you call writing a new chapter in our constitution that singles out one group of Australians over the rest and gives them a new representative body?

A fundamental character of Australia is that no matter where you come from – whether you became Australian yesterday or 10 years ago, or 1000 years ago – we’re all equal before the law. The Voice fundamentally alters that equality by setting aside a place for one group over the rest.

It’s telling, by the way, that the proposal put forward by the architects of the Voice is not to abolish or amend the race powers in the Constitution. Similarly, they chose not to limit the “representations” of the Voice to matters relating to the race powers.

It’s a strong indication that enshrining division and separation is the goal, not unity.

And that leads to another critical issue of principle. Whether or not we will, as a nation, allow the divisive goals of career activists to be enshrined in our constitution.

Because make no mistake, that’s what will happen if the Voice gets up.

Despite trying to walk it back once they realised Australians wouldn’t accept it, the architects of the Voice have been very clear that the Voice is the first step of a process, not the last. It opens the door to treaty, to reparations and compensation, and to give them a platform to pursue long held activist goals like abolishing Australia Day.

All the talk of High Court challenges and the authority of the Parliament and whatever else are ultimately distractions from these questions of principle.


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As a woman with Aboriginal and European heritage who is married to a Scottish Australian and whose children are mixed race – these principles are personal to me.

I don’t believe I should be treated differently because of the colour of my skin. I don’t want my children to be treated differently either.

And I don’t want my family to be judged by race.

Just as we are a family, so we are a country.

We are stronger when we’re united, not divided.

That’s why I’m urging all Australians to vote No.


Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is Senator for the Northern Territory and the former deputy mayor of Alice Springs.

Image: Jacinta Nampijinpa Price website 

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  • Simon Bradley
    commented 2023-09-23 12:48:57 +1000
    Thanks for standing strong Jacinta, you are a role model to all Aussies.
    It was apparent right from the election campaign that division was the aim of the Marxists. This is from the US race division template being used now to destabilize and ultimately dismantle democracy which privileged activists have been indoctrinated with for the last couple of decades in academia. Hate your country, hate your ancestors, hate your family, come with us to utopia!
    Of course that Marxist utopia always implodes under its own weight of inherent ideology needing subjugated adherents, not willing participation. History shows Marxists need internal division to wedge themselves into a more central role, because their basic ideology is so flawed.
    One of the people granted an interview during Albanese’s rushed visit to Tassie a couple of weeks ago, asked me if there was one question I could ask Albanese about the voice what would it be? He and Burney had just been primed with the talking point for the week in SA and Tas of ‘education, health, blah, blah’.
    So my question was ‘In light of current stated aims for the voice, what’s the difference between that and the NIAA which has a charter to improve the lives of indigenous Australians through health and education services?
    That question was asked (unfortunately due to time pressures and production desires, no follow up was possible, despite the interviewer wanting to drill down).
    The answer was exactly as I expected, as well as typical of a poor political performer, but instructive.
    Albanese said ‘Well the NIAA is an agency, it’s an advisory to government on first nations issues on outcomes for jobs, health etc, whereas the Voice will be an advisory of first nations people to the Prime Minister and Cabinet on important issues such as health and education’!
    No irony, no shame, no compunction that what the PM media department loaded to their site, while getting the interviewers name wrong, was explaining that the voice actually already exists in an extremely heavily funded agency, which the Labor party could have redirected funding to ‘critical areas’ the minute they took power a year ago. They could have massively increased funding in subsequent budgets.
    That answer highlighted to me the simple truth as I’d suspected. This is nothing to do with improving the lives of indigenous Australians, this is stage 2 in the Labor Marxist puppeteers longterm plan to dismantle democracy while building bronze statues to themselves as nation builders as their egos demand!
    This started with ‘Sorry’ under Rudd. One thing the left has always been good at….tunnel vision. Under the cover of propaganda media, the left never states it’s true intentions when going to an election, while their propaganda machine demands the conservatives show policies and how they’ll govern for all.
    It happens world wide and needs strong opposition to ensure that conservatives stop ‘playing the game’ the way the Marxists devise it and start standing up for true, flawed unity and the political structure which has brought better living standards to all…….who are prepared to participate!