The shrinking United States: demographic collapse cloaked by mass migration

Today’s West is a world of social dysfunction and demographic collapse, with warmongers and woke commissars in charge. Where moral relativism rules, those of us abiding by traditional values are cultural warriors by default. Our very lifestyle is an expression of dissent. The regime, steeped in secular globalism, frowns upon us. How dare we value family over enlightened, empirical economic man!

In our media-obsessed popular culture, it is images and soundbites that sway the public. Enter Tucker Carlson.

Truth-teller Tucker

Years ago, when Tucker Carlson first came to my attention, I casually assumed that he was just another Buckleyite National Review stuffed shirt, replete with bow tie and elitist east-coast affect. Guess it was his NR affiliation that led me to pigeonhole him. When I worked in the imperial capital, conservative blowhards would come and go like Greyhound buses. Here’s a heartfelt mea culpa. Tucker has emerged as today’s most effective spokesman for traditional values.

His recent Down Under tour included a tour de force appearance at the Canberra Hyatt. During the after-speech Q&A, he annihilated an antagonistic query from a saucy, self-important “journalist”. The would-be “gotcha” interrogator was Kat Wong of AAP Newswire. She tried to frame Carlson as “racist.” Nothing new there. Anyone who advocates traditional values these days gets the R smear sooner or later. Comes with the territory.

Even conscientious (though media-conditioned) conservative Christians will fall all over themselves sniffing out racist “dog-whistles,” “hate”, and “hurtful” content. Such self-righteous self-policing is a cowed and controlled opposition doing the cultural left’s work for them. Think of that the next time you hear someone begin a sentence with “I’m not a racist, but…” 

What is the definition of a racist? Someone who is winning an argument with a leftist. I digress.

Ms Wong falsely alleged that Tucker had been carping about American Whites being replaced. “Great replacement” and “conspiracy theory” are phrases weaponised by the chattering class to tamp down dissent. Tucker was having none of it.

In reply, he nailed it about the challenge to American families. A too-clever-by-half reporter trying to score a PC putdown isn’t the story here. The takeaway was in Carlson’s response, where he succinctly summed up the critical challenge facing Americans, which is that we are not replacing ourselves:

Native-born Americans are being replaced, including Blacks…

My concern is that the people who are born in a country are the main responsibility of its leaders. And as noted earlier, when those leaders shift their concern from the people whose responsibility it is to take care of, to people around the world, to put their priorities above those of their own citizens, that’s immoral.

That’s globalism.

And they are being replaced in my country, people who were born in the United States; and the birthrate tells the whole story. They are not at replacement rate. And so the US population is growing because we’re importing people from other countries.  

My view is that happy people have children, and a functioning economy allows them to do that. And we don’t have that so we need to fix the economy and fix the culture and make it so that people who want to have kids can. You don’t just go for the quick sugar fix of importing new people; like that’s my position, and if you think that’s racist then that’s your problem.

My views derive from a deep concern for Americans, actually. Americans aren’t having kids because they can’t afford to, and nobody in charge cares.

Bravo to Tucker, teller of truth!

Identify the problem

Indeed, native-born Americans, whatever their race, creed, colour, etc., are not replacing themselves, thus they are being replaced. Tucker is worth repeating:

[H]appy people have children, and a functioning economy allows them to do that. And we don’t have that, so we need to fix the economy and fix the culture and make it so that people who want to have kids can.

That is exactly what needs to be done. It is a very tall order.


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To fix the culture and the economy, we need to overthrow the globalist ethos of profit before people. Corporations ruthlessly move employees around, uprooting them from family and community. Shareholder value is prioritised above providing a living wage. There is money aplenty, but it goes to upper-echelon pay packages and stock buybacks, while frontline workers are treated like equipment with minimum maintenance and scheduled obsolescence. Consumerism and careerism are lionised, while stay-at-home moms are ridiculed.

Special interest lobbies and venal politicians have melded the corporate and government sectors, fostering crony capitalism (as opposed to free enterprise capitalism) infused with woke secularism. Ever wonder why corporations shove DEI “human resources” workshops down our throats and sponsor “drag” events? What about having seminars and workshops on pre-natal counselling, child-rearing, and workplace daycare?

Values and priorities

Rather than doing something about demographic collapse, it is easier to simply import new people. That brings sweeping demographic change: cheap labour for powerful corporate interests, a growing customer base for Big Pharma and others, an expanding clientele for the welfare/social services industry, and millions of new voters for the leftist agenda.

What’s not to like? You get extra people by packing the place with imports and needn’t do anything to improve conditions for the native-born. Too expensive to have children? Just import more people and sell it to the public as “diversity is our strength.” Tar anyone who doesn’t agree as “racist”, “nativist”, “xenophobe”, etc.

In the 1980s blockbuster movie Wall Street, the protagonist was Gordon Gekko, modelled on America’s high-flying, paper-spinning, outsourcing moguls:

The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right; greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.

This gargantuan social engineering scheme scam, aka open borders, is greed incarnate. It has brought a demographic metamorphosis of the American population. Social cohesion is gone. Family life suffers. It makes a lot of money for some but doesn’t help the rest of us. Maybe subsidising families would work better than subsidising mass immigration.

Our world is in the throes of demographic collapse and on the cusp of global war. It is high time that each of us, in ways small and large, make ourselves heard. None of us are getting any younger. Speak up.

What do you make of the demographic challenges facing America? Leave a comment below.

Louis T. March has a background in government, business, and philanthropy. A former talk show host, author, and public speaker, he is a dedicated student of history and genealogy. Louis lives with his family in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Image credit: Depositphotos


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  • mrscracker
    Thank you Mrs. Norma for your kind words about the US.
    I love Mexico and was blessed to spend a week in Mexico City last year. It’s a wonderful place and I hope to return one day.

    North America has been a destination for immigrants from the very beginning. Unless one descends from native tribal peoples, the rest of our ancestors all arrived from other regions and continents. Many were poor and illiterate. Some came here against their will as slaves or convicts. Some of my own ancestors were from those categories.
    The problem with our broken immigration system is less about the quality of the people crossing the border and more about the organized crime that brought them there. By not properly securing our borders we enable the cartels to carry on their trafficking and smuggling operations. Cartels now operate in all US states. Smuggling is a group effort. We receive the drugs and migrants. Both sides have to cooperate and benefit from the contraband in some way

    Immigration’s just too useful as a political football in election years for us to actually seek a real solution. But I still hope and pray things will change for the better.

    God bless Mexico and the USA.
  • Norma Mendoza Alexandry
    commented 2024-07-14 11:14:30 +1000
    I’m a Mexican citizen living in Mexico City. I believe this article says the truth about American population. I just wish our Mexican government would do something to stop South American migration to our country also.

    People come by thousands every day through the Southern border, and they are very different from us Mexicans, even though sometimes in the US consider us all as being “Hispanics” or “Latins.” -

    Most of them, in addition of being very poor, they have different attitudes, ways of life, and they’re usually very ignorant people with no knowledge of what they’re looking for. They want to be welcomed without cooperating or helping anyone else, they are uneducated and not thankful for the favors they receive. -

    n my youth I visited the U.S. many times and studied as sophomore at Northern Ill. University. I also was received at a great American family’s home: husband/wife and seven children. This family was my role model and I remember them fondly. -

    I do hope your great country will not “replace” good American families with immigrants, much less from countries such as Venezuela or Nicaragua…..etc. -

    I’ve lived a happy life in Mexico City, I love my country and I’m so sorry we haven’t had a government that, in addition to fixing the economy, would also fix the education system for the better and stop immigration from South American people.

    My husband has a Ph.D. degree on engineering (E.E.S.) from Stanford University, I have a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees on family issues, and while being at Stanford with my husband, my first son was born as an American citizen. I’m proud of that. My son works in Mexico for an American firm.

    THANKS for the article, congratulations.
  • Peter
    commented 2024-07-12 19:12:03 +1000
    This is one of the most extraordinarily naive and biased article I have ever read. To suggest that, “Tucker has emerged as today’s most effective spokesman for traditional values”, is an absurdity. Tucker Carlson trades in dysfunction, disinformation, and division.
    It would take an eternity to explain how dangerous and ridiculous Mr T Carlson is and the threat that he imposes on our society.
    Please, take the time to read the following article. It exposes who this deficient human being really is, and it is all backed up by FACTS, something that Mr T Carlson ignores but fears the most:
  • mrscracker
    Thank you, Mr. Mouse.
    We actually qualified year after year for free school lunches when my children were growing up. I don’t like to see finite resources wasted. There probably are some parents who can’t put a peanut butter sandwich together for their children’s lunch, but I always figured if I couldn’t manage that I likely had more challenging me than a low-income level.
    Goodness, A loaf of bread’s $1.25 at the Dollar Store. We used to get USDA “welfare peanut butter” at the food bank. Even minus the free, USDA commodity variety you can still pick up peanut butter very cheaply at Walmart or Aldi.
    Our local food bank has so much donated from Walmart & other stores that they have to give away the surplus to their volunteers just to make shelf room for newer donations.
    I don’t like to hear folks who live in bougie bubbles opine on free school lunches because they can be out of touch with the realities of lower income families. I also know that while low-income families may have a lot of resources for food, those resources should be reserved for them, not the affluent. And that’s what’s been going on in our local public schools recently. Everyone qualifies for a free lunch.
  • Anon Emouse

    Mr. Mouse is fine :)

    And I agree that there is some government wasteful spending; however, it comes across as extraordinarily for Tucker Carlson and others in the GOP to lament that, and I quote, “Americans aren’t having kids because they can’t afford to” while simultaneously rejecting federal money for school lunches for kids (which would help parents afford to feed their children)
  • Michael Cook
    followed this page 2024-07-11 20:59:16 +1000
  • mrscracker
    Hello Mr. Bunyan I hope you are doing well today.
    Thank you for the link. I saw a pdf of over 900 pages, some of which I scanned through. It looked interesting but I didn’t see anything suggesting what you mentioned.
    I’m not impressed with the GOP platform and if these folks helped draft that perhaps I’ll skip the rest of those 900 pages.
  • Paul Bunyan
    commented 2024-07-11 11:10:08 +1000
    Mrscracker, you should read about Project 2025. It would turn America into a hellhole for anyone who isn’t rich and white.
  • mrscracker
    Mr. or Miss Mouse, I’m not sure what the GOP is up to exactly but where I live school lunches have been given out to 100% of public school students regardless of family income level. Which I hope changes.
    Free or reduced price meals were originally pretty easy to qualify for but it’s wasteful of public funds and resources to extend that policy to the affluent.
  • Anon Emouse
    My views derive from a deep concern for Americans, actually. Americans aren’t having kids because they can’t afford to, and nobody in charge cares.

    You’ll forgive my skepticism given Tucker (and the GOP)’s long history of undercutting social programs. In fact this week I just read that the GOP is trying to do away with free school lunches for children .
  • Louis T. March
    published this page in The Latest 2024-07-10 15:36:19 +1000