Why is the FBI covering for trans mass shooters?

Why is the FBI covering for trans mass shooters?

Over many decades, United States law enforcement agencies have profiled a wide range of violent actors by motive — with anti-fascism, Islamism, environmentalism, racial supremacy and hardline nationalism among the more common ideologies to inspire acts of violence.

With the 2020s now well under way, the time has come for us to acknowledge the existence of another genre of extremist: transgender mass murderers.

But don’t expect the agencies to take the lead on this.

Ever since the Covenant School attack in Nashville in March last year, the FBI and other outfits have been working overtime to obfuscate the truth about the transgender shooter who took the lives of three young students and three staff members at the evangelical establishment.

In the wake of the devastating attack, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) Chief John Drake, when asked if the shooter was motivated by her trans identity, acknowledged that “there is some theory to that”. However, he advised that details would have to wait since the investigation was still ongoing.

It was the last we would ever hear from officials on the subject.  

Then, in November last year, seven Nashville detectives were suspended in relation to the “unauthorised leak” of several pages of the shooter’s manifesto, according to a WSMV4report. In those pages were ramblings against white privilege”, among other indications of far-left ideology at play.

At the time, officials reasoned that the suspensions were necessary to protect “the integrity of the active, progressing investigation”.

It has now been almost 15 months since the attack and the public is still waiting for officials to explain what animated the deadliest mass shooting in Tennessee history.

Into the vacuum has rushed another leak. This time, The Daily Wire podcaster Matt Walsh obtained photographs of four more pages of the killer’s journal which “reveal the shooters anti-Christian, pro-trans, and perverse ideas in the weeks before the attack”.

In her writings, under the title “My Imaginary Penis”, the shooter discloses that she first encountered gender ideology in her early 20s, and wrote, I finally found the answer — that changing one’s gender is possible.” Walsh explains:

In one passage, the shooter rails against Christian friends’ that her parents have encouraged her to make. She writes, Parents actually believe religion can change nature. That could explain why I dont practice religion anymore. Let kids think for themselves.’ […]

Separately, she writes: F*ck parents like them [who oppose trans ideology] who think of themselves first, and their preference of conservative religion…” and how shed "kill to have had parents” whod have given her so-called "puberty blockers” as a child.

Walsh highlighted the disturbing fact that, following the shooting, the Biden White House “claimed that trans people — not the murdered Christians — were ‘under attack’.” He continues:

The writings are distressing and highly emotional. At one point, she states, Puberty = life sentence. The people in this world adds more bullets to shoot violent thoughts into my head on full-auto. I hate parental views; how my mom sees me as a daughter.” […]

Instead of worshiping God, the shooter states that she sees herself as a kind of deity.Having a brain like mine has its godliness,” she writes at one point.

Walsh reveals another disturbing fact: that since the tender age of six, the shooter had been receiving treatment from Vanderbilt University Medical Center — incidentally, the same hospital that Walsh exposed in 2022 “as a purveyor of chemical castration and mutilation of children in the name of gender ideology”.

Writes Walsh, Vanderbilt “has remained silent on how, exactly, they were handling the shooters care. In fact, they havent responded to media inquiries at all.”

Also leaked this month was a copy of the FBI’s memo to Nashville Police justifying the cover-up.

Obtained by the Tennessee Star, the memo strongly discourages” MNPD from releasing legacy tokens” left by the mass murderer, in order to prevent the shooter from gaining “infamy and notoriety”, to avert “future attacks”, and to stave off public misconceptions that she was merely “mentally ill”.

Another reason the FBI gave for keeping the shooter’s manifesto under lock and key was to stop the spread of “false narratives” that could result in unintended consequences for the segment of the population more vulnerable or open to conspiracy theories, which will undoubtedly abound”.

In the memo, reference was made to the 1999 Columbine High School attackers, whose materials were never released to the public. However, as noted by The Star, “redacted transcripts, excerpts and summaries of the contents of tapes are available online”. In other words, only in the case of the Nashville trans shooter have officials barred the public from knowing anything about the killer’s motives.

It is difficult to understand the reasoning of authorities apart from the sacred status now granted to gender ideology by the establishment. The FBI, the MNPD and the White House must protect the Nashville shooter from scrutiny because the views she held accord with their own.

It is for the same reason that the legacy press refuses to properly inform the public about the other trans mass shootings that have taken place in recent years. Far from being the first, the Covenant School attack is one of at least five that have been perpetrated since 2018. According to The Federalist:

The 17-year-old Iowan male who shot up his high school in January was known to flirt with inaccurate pronouns and transgender ideology.

The 28-year-old woman who shot and killed three children and three staff at a small Christian school in Nashville in March 2023 went by a male name and referred to herself with male pronouns.

The 22-year-old man who shot and killed five and injured dozens more at a Colorado Springs nightclub in November 2022 told courts he is nonbinary “and uses they/them pronouns,” and asked to be referred to as Mx.” instead of Mr.” by his lawyers.

The 16-year-old female who, along with another teen, shot up the middle school and high school sections of a Denver-area charter school masqueraded as a man and demanded people call her by a male name.

The 26-year-old female who shot and killed three employees and herself at a Rite Aid distribution center in Maryland in 2018 told family and friends she was trans.


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Likewise, the Epoch Times recently reported:

The number of people aged 13 and older who identify as transgender in the United States is estimated to be about 1.6 million, or 0.6 percent of that population, according to the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy.

And although 0.6 percent of the 13-and-older population identifies as transgender, 5.4 percent of the mass shootings in recent years involved gender-confused individuals.

Assuming these numbers are correct, trans and gender-confused shooters are overrepresented ninefold.

The reason the public deserves honesty instead of stonewalling from leaders and civic institutions is because so-called “gender-affirming care” may have consequences that scientific research is yet to uncover.

Assuming the shooter underwent such treatment at Vanderbilt, what role did cross-sex hormones play in changing her brain chemistry? Did taking testosterone make her more likely to commit violence? Did “transitioning” actually result in better outcomes for her — and for the city of Nashville?

Moreover, by celebrating her condition as a matter of “pride” rather than treating it as a serious mental illness, have Western societies made a grave error that is need of reversing? How will we know of our error if law enforcement agencies and the media keep the truth from us?

Perhaps it’s time for these agencies to stop protecting and defending a bizarre gender cult and get back to protecting and defending the United States. 

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Kurt Mahlburg is a husband, father, freelance writer, and a familiar Australian voice on culture and the Christian faith. He is the Senior Editor at Australia’s largest Christian news site The Daily Declaration and a Contributing Editor at Mercator. His writings can also be found at Intellectual Takeout, The American Spectator and the Spectator Australia. He has authored or co-authored five books, including his breakout title Cross and Culture: Can Jesus Save the West?

Image credit: children of the Covenant School leaving after the shooting / ABC News screenshot    


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  • David Page
    commented 2024-06-23 10:40:23 +1000
    Ma Bear, this site is awash with people unwilling to back up their statements.
  • David Page
    commented 2024-06-20 07:07:32 +1000
    Ma Bear, would you care to provide that list?
  • Ma Bear
    commented 2024-06-19 06:40:33 +1000
    Add white male Canadian colonel Russell Williams to the list of killers with extreme sex-identity pathology: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell_Williams_(criminal)
  • mrscracker
    I would agree 100% with Mr. or Miss “Mouse” that people like school shooters should not be named in the media nor have their “manifesto” published.
  • Anon Emouse
    Mr. Cook,

    I am glad to have been proven wrong on that. Though I’d like to draw a distinction here; you seem to lay the blame on society for mass shootings (things like violent videogames, pornography, divorce, etc.) – you don’t seem to lay the blame on the feet of the shooters for simply being white, cisgendered, and male. Mr. Mahlberg appears to be blaming transpeople themselves for being “mentally ill”.

    Mrs. Cracker – were it up to me no manifestos of shooters would be published. Were it up to me, the identity of the shooter would never be published either – simply refer to the person as “Some jerk” (or more colorful language). Don’t promote their identity or ideology. Because the people that commit these atrocities don’t deserve any sort of promotion.


    Mr. Mahlberg,

    The reason the public deserves honesty instead of stonewalling from religious leaders and religious institutions is because so-called “taking vows of priests and clergy” may have consequences that scientific research is yet to uncover.
  • David Page
    commented 2024-06-18 03:19:00 +1000
    Keith, “The country is on track to fall short of the record for the number of mass shootings, which are incidents that injure at least four people. There have been 630 mass shootings in the U.S. so far in 2023, according to the Gun Violence Archive. Last year’s total was 645, and 2021’s mark of 690 is the record.” 2 shootings in the last 20 years were by a transgendered assailant. But you go ahead and believe the Falun Gong run Epoch Times.
  • mrscracker
    Good Morning Mr. Jürgen ,
    I agree about the family breakdown component. And I wonder too, about the sorts of psychotropic drugs that are prescribed increasingly on or off-label to adolescents. Or even to younger children.

    There are various definitions of what a “mass shooting” consists of. Two or more victims? Three or more? Is a drug deal gone wrong the same thing as someone who takes out school children or shoots up a place of worship?

    School shootings, disgruntled employees going “postal”, unbalanced folks targeting law enforcement personnel, gang turf wars, etc. It just varies. I don’t think there’s a one solution fits all answer but certainly re-strengthening family , faith, & community ties would be beneficial thing for society. The family is the foundation of society & when that crumbles everything else is weakened & at risk.
  • Keith Wilson
    commented 2024-06-17 23:01:40 +1000
    David, There have NOT been “3 thousand mass shootings in the US” in the last 6 years.

    Your propaganda doesn’t trump math.
  • David Page
    commented 2024-06-17 18:05:13 +1000
    In the last 6 years there has been almost 3 thousand mass shootings in the US. 4 of the shooters were listed as transgender. Do Australian schools need to tighten up on mathematics?
  • Jürgen Siemer
    commented 2024-06-17 15:48:11 +1000
    why? Is the answer not obvious? It is politics and money and mass family breakdown.

    Politics because you are not allowed to “discriminate” the Lgb-plus many letters group.

    Money, because most mass shooters are on anti-depressants and other drugs that modify the brain. These medications are blog-buster drugs. Do you want to know how the pharma industry defends itself? "Cannot be our drugs, because so many million people take them, and, if they were the cause (almost all non-islamist shooters are on drugs) then there would be so much more shootings. "

    Family-breakdown: there are so many more people in our modern time that are desperate and deeply unhappy with their life, usually after or before a divorce, their parents or their own. Diagnosed with depression the these people are treated with dangerous pills, that change the brain but of course cannot treat the cause.

    The drugs most of which did not exist 40 years ago, come with risks!

    Yet they generate billions of dollars of revenues, so why bother about risks.

    To those of you who struggle with “father”-issues on earth: turn to God, who is your ultimate father.
  • Michael Cook
    commented 2024-06-17 08:41:09 +1000
    “Yet I have yet to see a think piece on whether or not white, cis gender, heterosexual males, nor any discourse on how they’re mentally ill.” — On the contrary, Mercator has been banging a big drum on this for years to alert readers to the importance of divorce and dysfunctional family backgrounds in the mass shootings:
  • Julian Farrows
    commented 2024-06-17 03:21:31 +1000
    @Anon_Emouse – This is not an either/or issue. Factors that cause a person to commit murder should be investigated regardless of whether the perpetrator is a middle-aged American of European ancestry or a psychosexually confused adolescent.
  • mrscracker
    I believe mass shootings have a common theme of mental illness and no particular variety of mental affliction should have political protections carved out.
    On the other hand I don’t know if it’s a good thing to publish any mass shooter’s " manifesto." in the first place.
  • Anon Emouse

    But seriously Kurt – the vast majority of shootings are carried out by white, cisgender, heterosexual males. Yet I have yet to see a think piece on whether or not white, cis gender, heterosexual males, nor any discourse on how they’re mentally ill.

    Again, you’re tilting at woke windmills.
  • Anon Emouse
    The same reason Catholics and Christian’s provide cover for resists and pedophiles within their ranks.
  • Kurt Mahlburg
    published this page in The Latest 2024-06-15 15:59:51 +1000